Auto Insurance ID Cards


Auto Insurance ID Cards are patent pending.
It’s the only ID card in the world that utilizes YOUR license plate!

How Much is it Worth When Being Faced With…

  • Carjacked
  • Racial Profiling
  • Home-Land Security
  • Being stopped for probable cause
  • Problems at the DMV with ownership. Transfers, and registration
  • Your car looks just like someone else
  • Accidents
  • Insurance fraud
  • Buying or selling a vehicle
  • You go to the mall or party, and upon leaving find your vehicle gone.
  • You go to the parts department and try to discribe what you need for your vehicle, or what is missing, and what it looks like.
  • The police stop you and request all your paperwork, plus ask you a lot of technical questions you are unable to answer


Tired of feeling less than human, helpless, defenseless, left hanging, and confused? Fight back! This product could save you or another:

  • Came out of the movie theater or returned from party, and no car?
  • Had your car alarm on, and your car is gone anyway?
  • Found your car missing from its place while you were at home?
  • Had to describe stolen car to police while papers were in the glove compartment or you couldn’t find them?
  • Had problems with insurance claims or needed towing/emergency road service?


Starting at just $15. Read the A.I.D. card package descriptions below to see what is right for you. Click on “Order Online” where you will be asked to complete a form, include your images, and use secure check out with PayPal.

Prices are always affordable. Ordering online is secure and easy.